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All images purchased via this website are covered by copyright. The photographer (Anne Ballin of Tango Photography) retains copyright to all images. A licence is granted to you for personal use and personal printing only.
The Photographer – Tango Photography retains the copyright for all images. You do not “own” the files
A licence is granted to you (the person who placed the order)
You have paid for the right to print copies for YOURSELF
You may print copies of this file for yourself and your family. The files are suitable for printing up to the size purchased. Please check your original order for the size you have ordered You may crop the image.
You may not alter/deface the image without written permission from the
The files and any prints you make may not be transferred to a third party, other than family, it is up to you to make sure that your family are aware of the copyright licence status of the images
They should not be published on facebook without the photographers written permission.